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Mentor Spotlight: Vaughn Hathaway
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Every month, ACE will be spotlighting one mentor from our Mentoring Program, which is supported through the Highland Street Foundation,Mass Mentoring PartnershipAmeriCorps, and the Massachusetts Service Alliance!

This month's spotlight is on Vaughn Hathaway and his mentee Mohammed! Check out what he had to say about the experience below!

-Vaughn, how long have you been with ACE?

More than 5 years

-Has your capacity at ACE changed in this time?

I initially joined ACE as a volunteer mentor at the Saturday Program (then at Elm Park Community School), and as a volunteer tutor at the ACE After School Program. Over time I became a Teaching Assistant for Saturday Program Math and STEM classes and I served more as an informal mentor to a wider group of students. In the last year I have served in substitute staff roles in both the After School Program and the Saturday Program, in addition to continuing my volunteer activities. I have also been able to leverage my technical experience in helping out with IT projects; while doing this, I have used opportunities to train students in some of the activities in hopes of passing on some knowledge that they will find useful as they advance through their education and begin careers.

-What is your favorite memory at ACE?

I remember working with a high school student that had a hard time reading. I would try to encourage him without being pushy, but he clearly struggled. One day students and staff were playing soccer outside. When the student played against other students, he would kick the ball very hard and try to be tricky. Even though we were on different teams, when he kicked the ball near me, he would be very gentle and encouraging. He knew that I was not very confident in my soccer abilities, and wanted to make sure I was successful. It was very interesting to see our roles reversed, and helped me appreciate the challenges that students face.

-What do you think your greatest accomplishment at ACE has been?

I like to think that I am helping students learn the importance of working hard and doing their best.

-What is the biggest lesson you've learned from working with our students/staff/volunteers?

I've learned the importance of persistence. These students have typically encountered greater difficulties than we will ever encounter, yet they continue to work hard. Sometimes when I am working with a student it feels that I am working very hard with no visible results and I start to get discouraged, but then they will say or do something that makes me realize how important and effective my efforts have been.

-What is your favorite activity/event at ACE?

I enjoy all activities related to STEM. This includes the STEM classes at the Saturday Program, and tutoring students in math as part of the After School Program.

I enjoy the annual Spring Festival. It is great to see how excited the students get preparing for and participating in the dance and drumming. The speeches that students give about their life experiences before arriving in the United States is always inspiring. I enjoy learning more about the cultures that the students come from.

-If you had to convince someone to get involved with ACE what would you tell them?

Students are extremely appreciative of the efforts that staff and volunteers make. Sometimes they express this openly, to you and to their peers. Sometimes there is outward resistance by the students, but you can tell they need and want the help that the experience of staff, volunteers, and older students can provide, and show you indirectly their appreciation.

It is great to have the opportunity to use my skills and experience to help students learn the skills to help themselves and others.

-Have you gotten any awards/recognition lately?


ACE 2015 Midnima Volunteer Award at this year's Spring Festival
2015 Saturday Program Volunteer of the Year Award (selected by students)


-Are you especially excited about something you've done or are working on?

I have especially enjoyed teaching students about computers. I have always been interested in technology. We encounter it in so many ways that it is important for everyone to be comfortable with it. When I show students how something works, I think it helps them understand the technology better, how they can use it, and opens them up to new possibilities for their education and career.

-Is there something special about your relationship/experience with your Mentee that you'd like to share?

I learn as much or more from the students I mentor as they learn from me.

Mohamed is a very hard worker, always interested in learning more and helping others. He treats peers, volunteers, and staff with respect. When he sees someone else having difficulty or acting up, he independently jumps in to help with the situation. No matter how difficult things are for him, he is always smiling. He is an excellent role model for his peers. Mohamed is also very persistent, continuing to drive toward a solution long after others would have given up. These are all important traits for being successful and happy.

Mohamed's actions and traits serve as a great role model for his peers, and for me.


Thanks for sharing Vaughn, we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to ACE!


Interested in becoming a mentor yourself? Send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !



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