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ACE works with students from many nations across Africa, who have all come together to learn, achieve, and succeed. Prior to coming to the United States, our students and their families faced war and political and ace_logo social instability in their home countries. During these conflicts, they were forced to flee their homes, their villages and even their countries to find safety in far-away refugee camps. Unfortunately, even in these safe-havens, schooling is inadequate and there is much violence, crime and poverty. These tragic circumstances leave children exposed to much hardship and unable to receive adequate schooling from a very young age. As they arrive in the U.S., they find themselves far behind their peers as the result of years of missed schooling, they struggle to learn English and keep up in school, and they must retroactively learn entire years of math, science and English curriculm.

aquarium_trip_2Fortunately, many of these children are bright and motivated! They bring dreams of a bright future, of becoming doctors and lawyers, and of someday returning to their home countries to help bring peace and resolution. ACE seeks to draw on these strengths to close the gaps in their education and help them be successful not only in school, but also as a member of our Worcester community.

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