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ACE’s youth leadership program began in 2011 with the purpose of giving ACE students a platform to gain skills associated with positive leadership and community empowerment. Through leadership workshops and various youth-led projects, students benefit by building strong teamwork and communication skills, connecting with other ACE students, developing pre-employment skills, completing internships and learning how to make a positive difference in their community. Workshops and projects within the program are constructed with the overall goal to empower ACE students by instilling in them a sense of belonging, purpose and self-agency.



Leadership program facilitators are separated into two categories: Workshop Facilitators and Project Facilitators. Workshop Facilitators assist with workshops designed for students in the program to gain team-building and leadership skills.  Project Facilitators work with students to create and develop youth-led projects designed to apply the leadership skills taught in the workshops and increase community involvement. Must volunteer for a minimum of 1 hour per week and be able to commit to the program for at least 4 months. An understanding approach to youth behavior and collaborative attitude are important.

The Leadership Program will resume in September.

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